Whether your business provides a service or sells a product, you have the right to be compensated. Utilizing effective collection procedures is essential. Employ these valuable tips to promote your business in the recovery of past-due invoices.

We recognize security to be a leading concern to clients. Debtors are treated fair under Local, State and Federal Collection Laws. We maintain compliances with The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), The HIPAA and The FCRA.

Account placement is simple and safe. We accept accounts in any form of file transfer. Allow our sales representatives to assist your office in the development of an effective and efficient recovery program.

Making business SUCCESSFUL every day.

ADVANTAGE RECOVERY GROUP, INC. is a Central Florida, Consumer and Commercial Collection Agency, with offices in Orlando and Tampa, Florida.
Serving a wide array of clients with over 25 years of experience.

The recovery process for delinquent accounts is activated upon placement. Once the process begins it will remain in effect until the delinquent account is recovered, a dispute has been settled, a bankruptcy has been verified or the account is placed with a network affiliated attorney pursuing litigation. Whatever the situation, we will utilize our experience, resources and proven recovery methods to assist your office in the development of an effective and efficient recovery program.

We provide a wide range of debt recovery services to the following business segments; Retail, Financial, Government, Healthcare Professionals and Educational Institutions. Through our policies and procedures we bring you the productive results you would expect from a professional debt collection agency.

We have earned the trust of our clients by consistently providing effective and efficient recovery solutions with zero fees until funds are recovered. Our employees are assertive and productive, maintaining your company as a top payment priority and developing a cash-flow system you can rely on.